Obtain Your Schengen Visa Hassle-Free

If you're a non-European citizen embarking on a short-term study, professional trip, or tourist visit to the Schengen area, Schengen insurance is mandatory for your visa application. Without it, your visa may be rejected. The Schengen area comprises European Union member countries, Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland. Rest assured that your Schengen area insurance is valid regardless of your destination within the Schengen area.

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  Comprehensive Protection for Your Journey

  In case of any incident during your trip, AXA Schengen Travel Insurance provides local assistance and covers emergency care up to 30,000€. Travel with confidence and enjoy a safe and secure trip with your loved ones.

Coverage for Global Travelers

  AXA, the world's leading insurance brand, offers affordable travel insurance options for residents worldwide. Whether you're going on a vacation, visiting family, or traveling for business, our coverage ensures you can make the most of your trip without worries.

  Choose from three different products tailored to your needs:

  • Low-cost coverage for securing your Schengen visa
  • Europe travel coverage for extended protection within the European Union, including the Schengen Area
  • Multi-trip coverage for frequent travelers and businesspeople

Understanding Schengen Regulations and Formalities

The Schengen agreements, effective since March 25, 2001, have simplified travel within the Schengen area. Once you enter a Schengen signatory country, there are no further formalities at its borders with other member states.

Secure Your Trip with AXA Schengen Travel Insurance

If your visit is for tourism or business purposes and doesn't exceed 90 days in the Schengen area, the benefits of the Schengen agreements apply. AXA Schengen Travel Insurance, a trusted provider in the global market, offers extensive insurance products for both regular and frequent travelers within and outside the Schengen area.

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\We offer competitive prices for our three different products based on your needs. Starting from as low as 0.99€, you can secure your Schengen visa. For comprehensive coverage in the Schengen Area and the rest of the European Union, choose our Europe travel insurance. Business travelers and frequent flyers can opt for our Multi-trip coverage, starting from 298€ per year.

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