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In today’s world, it’s hard to think of any business that isn’t reliant on technology, especially the internet—the digital super-connection that connects all devices. Invariably, this creates a cyber-risk whereby your private data and normal business functioning could come under attack by a cyber-criminal.

At AXA, we know that the solution involves prevention, employee education, and regular security and privacy checks of applications and connections. In case this isn’t enough to prevent a sophisticated attack, then you need experts ready to get your business back up and running and reduce any interruptions. That’s why our cover includes round-the-clock assistance in the case of a cyber-attack and provides cover for damages to hardware and financial loss, along with risk assessment and eligibility checks to inform you about the security level of your cyber set-up.

We help you and your company stay protected by covering your cyber liability, along with business interruption and material damage that arise from cyber-crimes.
With six easy price plans to choose from, our multi-cover insurance package is simple and flexible, covering:

  • Breach of information
  • Privacy or data protection violation
  • Unauthorised access
  • Wrongful use of IT assets
  • Transmission of any unauthorised software or computer virus


We also offer optional add-ons for optimal protection, such as:

  • Professional fees/costs for repair of the Insured’s reputation
  • Costs of repair or replacement of hardware
  • Cyber extortion response
  • Cyber media liability
  • Business interruption and extra expenses  

No matter what type of attack it is, be it malware, human error or employee disloyalty, we mitigate the damage with a range of services, which include:

  • Forensic services
  • Restoration of data
  • Repair and/or restoration of software
  • Protection of corporate reputation



Product Summary


  • Legal and defense costs arising from: 
    • Loss of corporate data from an actual or alleged qualifying breach. 
    • Loss of personal data from an actual or alleged qualifying breach.
    • Unintentional violation by the insured of any government or public authority legislation or regulation regarding privacy or data-protection. 
    • Unauthorised access and/or use of insured’s IT assets by an external party resulting from a dishonest, fraudulent, malicious or criminal act.
    • Destruction, modification, corruption, damage or deletion of IT assets. 
    • Unintentional transmission by the Insured to a third party of any unauthorised software or a computer virus. 
    • Breach notification expenses.
  • Administrative fines from a regulatory investigation arising out of a breach of data protection legislation. 


  • Forensic services.
  • Restoration of the data due to breach, virus, malware or cyber event/occurrence. 
  • Repair of software.  
  • Professional fees/costs for repair of the insured’s reputation.

Costs of repair or replacement of hardware. 


  • Telephone hacking
  • Cyber extortion response
  • Cyber media liability 
  • Business interruption and extra expenses 


How to submit your claim

In the event of a detected cyber-attack, please call us on our dedicated cyber hotline and we will take care of the incident:

800 AXA CYBER (800 292 29237)



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