Main Covers

AXA’s comprehensive Hotel Insurance package covers your mandatory insurance requirements whilst giving you the freedom to customise your cover and pay only for what you need. We also offer this flexibility to add optional covers during your policy period.

At AXA, we understand that some risks are simply part of the business, that is why we automatically cover you for:

  • Property Damage and Business Interruption
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Money and Fidelity Guarantee 
  • Public Liability including Food Poisoning
  • Employer’s Liability and Workmen’s Compensation
  • Administrative lock-down

We have designed our covers to meet the expectations of the hospitality industry as well as those of your business and guests. Explore them below: 


Offer your guest peace of mind in case their flight gets delayed, their baggage gets lost, or they lose their important documents. In such times, your guests will be delighted with your services for covering their losses.  
We also offer upfront cost cover for the temporary accommodation for your guests (specified limit and days). However, we do not offer accommodation service. 

Extreme weather

Weather conditions can affect your occupancy rate and your guests’ plans. We assess your expected loss of revenue and provide you with the cover suitable for your needs.


Works of art

If your hotel hosts works of art or exhibits, then it deserves a bespoke insurance plan. AXA Art covers you against accidental loss or damage to the works of art.

Event cover 

We will cover your losses in case the event is cancelled, abandoned, postponed, interrupted or relocated due to death, accident illness, unavoidable travel delay, venue damage, national mourning, or adverse weather conditions. 

Mini fleet cover 

We understand that in the hospitality industry, catering to your guests’ comfort and travel is part of providing excellent service. That’s why we cover your vehicles (up to 10 vehicles) as well as mobile equipment such as golf carts or passenger carts. 

Tailor-made range of services

We understand the importance of your business and your commitment towards your guests and staff. Your risks are unique and our expertise in risk management helps you identify those risks and find reliable and efficient solutions to address them. 

We provide you with business-specific services:

  • Risk prevention documents at your disposal, addressing the specificities of the hospitality industry.
  • Risk identification audits and self-assessments.
  • Dedicated contacts with solution providers.
  • Business Continuity Plan support. 


Property Damage, Business Interruption and Machinery Breakdown
Public Liability
Employers’ Liability and Workmen’s Compensation
Money and Fidelity Guarantee
Administrative lock-down
Construction (and/or renovation)
Marine Cargo
Event Cancellation
Political Violence
Works of art
Extreme weather
Travel Insurance for guests
Risk prevention
Temporary accomodation for guests
Business Continuity Plan


How to submit your claim

If you would like to submit a claim, our dedicated claims team can help you anytime, anywhere.

Call 800 AXA (292) and one of our customer service representatives will guide you through your claim.