Why does every Visitor to Qatar need Health Insurance?


Qatar has one of the world’s newest and best Hospital networks. And to ensure that every visitor has immediate and no questions access to the care they need, the Government mandated that everyone must have local cover. 


Over 3 million people will visit Qatar this year. And just as everyone needs a visa, everyone now needs to have a Health Insurance.


And in 2023 Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) have made it easy and cheap to buy these policies online. For the full list of insurers offering this visit the MPOH page which is available in both English and Arabic Here.

Once you have your Medical Policy you can proceed to buy your visa


As soon as you have bought your Insurance Policy you can proceed to buy  your visa.  Over 95 countries can get a visa on arrival. And anyone else can use the Haya platform. A 30 day visa say costs 100 QAR Please note : India, Iran, Pakistan, Thailand and Ukraine nationals must book accommodation with Discover Qatar.


What are the benefits of Mandatory Qatar Health insurance with GIG-AXA ?


  • Benefit #1 : Immediate no questions medical treatment and 24/7 assitance via our multi-lingual GIG-AXA help line
  • Benefit #2 : No unexpected costs in the event of an accident
  • Benefit #3 : Peace of mind that you are covered by a company with a Global Reputation and over 20,000 postive reviews


Buy Qatar mandatory health insurance for visitors from GIG Gulf online in 1 minute.


How much does the Qatar Health Insurance Policy cost ?


It doesn’t matter who you buy if from, or which country you are visiting Qatar form but  but each of the policies has a fixed price
Starting from 30 days , the policy costs QAR 50 per month. Extensions are available for 60, 90, 180 or 365 days. Different companies will also offer ‘top ups’ as desired, for extra premiums.


What is covered by the GIG AXA Qatar Mandatory Visitor’s Health Insurance ?


The GIG AXA Mandatory Visitor’s Health Insurance policy has the following coverage: 

  1. Emergency Medical Treatment up to QAR 150,000 for the policy period and within the State of Qatar
  2. Emergency Transportation, up to QAR 35,000 for Amulances within Qatar and Medical Evacuation to the visitor’s country of residence
  3. Covid-19 and Quarantine costs up to QAR 50,000
  4. Immediate treatment with this policy
  5. Repatriation costs up to QAR 10,000 in case of death
  6. No copay or deductibles as stipulatd in the visitors health insurance policy.


To get more information please contact GIG Gulf Insurance on +974 44069886 or Buy online in 1 minute.