• 24/7 teleconsultation for you and your dependants , accessible through voice and video call**.
  • Unlimited consultations and easy access to certified doctors from the luxury of your home.
  • Complimentary   service (no co-pay on teleconsultations) that works around your schedule. 
  • Licensed GP and family medicine doctors that will prescribe over-the-counter medication***, antibiotics and chronic conditions medications for you within Dubai.
  • Medications delivered**** to your door step at your preferred time.
  • Dedicated team to recommend and book your appointment at the nearest healthcare provider, depending on your condition and network.
  • Nutritional guidance  and support provided by specialists.

*available for members with AXA360 benefit.
**video only available on iOS version of MyAXA Gulf app.
*** over-the-counter medication prescriptions available across UAE.
****medication delivery only available in Dubai.

Get access to AXA360 through the MyAXA Gulf app  or dial 800 878362.


From general check-ups to treating and managing more specific medical conditions, our pool of specialised doctors is there to give you the best medical consultation for any of the below conditions:


  • Cough & Cold / Sore Throat / Asthma


  • Nausea & Vomiting / Abdominal Pain 


  • Cuts and Grazes / Lumps and Bumps / Allergy & Rash


  • Back Pain / Joint Pain / Sports Injuries


  • Obesity / Diet Advice / General Health


To name just a few…